Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mobilize Voters to Foil Obama's Socialist Agenda

If anybody doubts that panic is setting in at the White House, let them contemplate the meaning of reports that President Obama plans to call out his ragtag army of voters who gave him the presidency in 2008 in an effort to save his job when the voters go to the polls for November's congressional elections. Ben Smith writes on Politico that the Democratic National Committee released a video of Obama expressing his goal of "reconnecting" with the army of first-time voters who voted for him in 2008 "but who may not plan to vote in the lower-profile Congressional elections this year." This is no idle threat, and it could shatter the dreams of tea party supporters and the huge mass of discontented Americans who hope to use the November elections to put a roadblock in front of Obama's drive to remake America into a Marxist republic. Obama, writes Smith, "speaks with unusual demographic frankness about his coalition in his appeal to 'young people, African-Americans, Latinos and women who powered our victory in 2008 [to] stand together once again'." He adds that "turning out those so-called ‘surge’ voters — who turned out for the first time to back Obama but who sat out gubernatorial races in New Jersey and Virginia last year — has become the Democrats' central preoccupation for the midterm elections and the new Democratic effort to nationalize the election around Obama and his agenda mark an attempt to energize those voters." Aside from the fact that the Democratic targets of this appeal are traditionally loathe to bestir themselves to vote in congressional elections, if somehow successful, this effort could allow Obama to hold on to control of both houses of Congress for another two years. This is a threat that Republicans and tea partyers who share the goal of unseating large numbers of Democratic members of Congress must take seriously. The very future of our nation is at stake on Nov. 2. The Congress, dominated by the likes of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, must be driven off Capitol Hill if the United States is to survive as a nation of free and independent Americans unburdened by a big government that views the U.S. Constitution with contempt.
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Friday, November 5, 2010

Limbaugh: RINOs, Elites Won't Stop Palin

Conservative radio giant Rush Limbaugh said the strategy that GOP RINOs, the ruling elite, and the news media are using to blame former Gov. Sarah Palin and the tea party for being a detriment to the Republican Party during the 2010 midterm elections won’t work. On his national radio show Thursday, Limbaugh said the record number of House seats picked up by Republicans was due in no small part to Palin, who targeted 20 Democrats for defeat, 18 of whom lost.“What's going on here, folks, is very simple,” Limbaugh said. “They want to establish a lie very firmly in the minds of the public that the tea party hurt the Republican Party in these elections. They want to use this to stop Sarah Palin. Republican insiders are trying to figure out now how to stop Sarah Palin.” Limbaugh said he received several e-mails over the last few days from “so-called insiders” denying the GOP is trying to derail Palin’s chances at winning the party’s presidential nomination in 2012. “A bunch of the people named as trying to stop Sarah Palin sent me a note [saying], ‘It's not me, don't blame me.’ Well, fine, I don't care who it is, we know it is happening.”Limbaugh said the ill-advised plan to blame Palin and the tea party for splintering the GOP after a record pickup of seats by Republicans in the midterms turns reality on its head.  “If anybody is an obvious winner here . . . it would be Palin. Look at the grief and the mockery that she got for putting what the media claimed were targets on 20 Democrat incumbents on her website. Look at the grief that she's got ever since she was named McCain's running mate. Eighteen of those Democrats she targeted lost. That's a pretty amazing and impressive record. Sarah Palin targeted a bunch of Democrats for defeat, and 18 of them lost. That's more than any Republican elites are doing.” Limbaugh said the Republican Party blew its chance to win a Senate seat in Nevada, where tea party favorite Sharron Angle had a chance to unseat Democratic incumbent Harry Reid, when it decided to throw all its ground money to Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, who lost a senate bid to another candidate embraced by the tea party movement, Marco Rubio. “We [the tea party] didn't have any ground money in Nevada because we gave it to Carly Fiorina,” Limbaugh added about choices the GOP made in which candidates to support. “That's where a lot of the so-called ground-game money went. We didn't have any.